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Yoga: Rules and Technique

a) Yogasanas should be done in the morning after going to the latrine.
It is preferable to practise them after bathing, because bathing makes the body light and fresh, thereby increasing its elasticity. This helps in doing the asanas properly. However, asanas can be done in the evening also, if the stomach is empty.
b) The place should be clean and peaceful.
c) A blanket or cloth should be spread on the ground in order to avoid the magnetic effect of the earth.
d) Never talk while doing asanas. Attention should be on your breath and the organ being affected.
e) It is preferred to do Shavasana after the hard and long Asanas.
f) Yogasanas are a non-violent activity. No jerks should be given to the body while doing them.
g) Asanas should be done in minimum clothes.
h) Age limit for some asanas are above 10 years to below 85 years.
i) Learn from yoga practitioners before doing them.
j) Begin with simple Asanas.
k) The order of the Asanas should be counter pose of one asana.
l) Some Asanas are contraindicated on chronic diseases, pregnancy and menstruation period.
m) Proper food should be taken.
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