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‘Ut’ means to lift, ‘tan’ means to stretch, pad’ is leg, and ‘asana’ is yoga posture.  This is a simple yoga posture which incorporates a leg raise, and is used as a belly reduction exercise. It can be translated to mean a Raised Foot Pose. Sometimes, it is also referred to as the Dwipadasana, since both legs are raised (‘dwi’ means two and ‘pada’ means legs)

1.    Lie down flat on your back, keeping your knees and feet together. Keep your arms by your side on the floor, palms facing downward. Breathe normally.
2.    Exhale. Keeping your legs absolutely straight, raise both legs together until they are at an angle of 30 to 40 degrees from the floor. 
3.    Hold up your legs without bending as long as you can, keeping your eyes fixed on your toes. Let your palms rest comfortably on the floor. Your buttocks and back should rest on the ground.
4.    Do not strain yourself. Release the pose as soon as you feel some strain.
5.    To release the pose, exhale, and lower your feet to the floor. Rest for some time and repeat.
6.    Practise 5 rounds with this process.


1.    This yoga pose is excellent for belly reduction.
2.    This improves the working of the inner organs like the intestines, pancreas and liver. This ultimately is beneficial in digestion, constipation and diabetes.
3.    Blood circulation improves when the legs are raised vertically.
4.    The spine is stretched and toned, thus helping to correct back pain or other back problems.
5.    Raising the legs also strengthens the muscles of the buttocks, hips and waist.

One who is suffering from a spinal injury or muscle pull in the back, it is best to avoid this pose. Also those with high blood pressure should practice it with great care.

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