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Ujjyai Pranayam

Sit in Padmasana or meditation posture. Inhale through both nostrils while constricting the throat. One can feel the air inside the throat, but air should not rub the nostrils. Exhale air through the throat producing a peculiar sound.  In this pranayam beginners may not practice kumbhaka (breath holding). Rechaka (exhalation) and Puraka (inhalation) should be in the same ratio. Rechaka should be done through left nostril. Later on kumbhaka can be practised. If kumbhaka is to be practised for more than 10 seconds, do jalandharbandha and mulabandha.

This pranayam strenghtens the lungs, removes the phlegm, gives endurance, soothes the nerves and tones entire system.
Ideal for persons suffering from high blood pressure or coronary troubles.  One can get relieve from problems like insomnia, high blood pressure, indigestion, rheumatoid arthritis, tuberculosis, fever, common colds, cough,  splenomegaly, tosilitis, thyroid problems etc. This helps to make throat healthy and melodious. It can be used for meditation and kundalini jagarana.
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