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Trikonasana (Triangle pose)

Trikon’ means triangle, and ‘asana’ means yoga pose. In this asana the position of the body becomes like a triangle (trikon), hence, it is called Trikonasana.

1. Stand erect with legs together, hands by the side of the thighs.
2. Make two or two and half feet distance between two legs and raise both the hands, parallel with shoulder.
3. Slowly bending towards right side, touch the toe of the right leg with the forefinger & middle finger of right hand and raise the left hand towards sky. Then gaze up towards left hand.
4. After maintaining it for sometime, return to the upright position with the hands raised above shoulder.
5. Now start bending slowly lateral towards left side and touch the toe of the left leg with left hand. Keep pointing towards sky. Gaze should be towards raised right hand.
6. While returning back to the original position, bring down your raised hand, leave the toes and stand erect with legs together.

Trokanasan Trokanasan

The forward bending and lifting stimulates blood flow and helps to stretch and relax the back, shoulders, legs and arms as well as increases the flow of blood to the head. The stretching stimulates the organs in the abdomen, improving digestion and helping to flush out toxins. It is very good for strengthening bones, can prevent osteoporosis, and increases balance and energy. This asana helps the large intestine, liver and spleen in proper functioning.

Do not perform the pose if you have a headache or diarrhea.
Persons having complaints of acute or painful conditions of the shoulder joint or spinal injury, should avoid this asana

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