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Swastikasana or erect sitting posture is a meditative posture. It is a simple but challenging posture and one that offers progress only with constant, consistent repetition.

1.    Sit comfortably on the floor with stretched legs
2.    Bring your left leg on right thigh and right leg on left thigh.
3.    Keep your hands as Padmasana i.e. on knees.
4.    As you exhale, feel the accessory muscles of exhalation flattening your lower abdomen and keep your anus navel soft (mula bandha).
5.    Look straight ahead or drop your chin into Jalandhar bandha.
6.    Feeling the beginning and end of each inhalation and exhalation, allowing your awareness to be taken by the effortless rhythm of your breathing without losing awareness of the dynamic of the body, continue till you are ready to release.

1.    Increases concentration power .
2.    helps in stability of body physique.

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