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Sutra Neti


1. Sit in the crow pose. Moisten the Sutra Neti (Cotton String) in a pot of water for one minute.
2. Take hold of the top end in the fingers of left hand, the middle of the neti in those of the right.
3. The string should be inserted into nostril. The string should gradually be worked into the nostril, till it touched the uvula.
4. Now open the mouth & catch hold the string with the index and middle fingers of the right hand.
5. This string should be gently moved in the nostril for some time. The string should, then gradually be drawn out through the nostrils before performing this kriya.

1. It keeps all parts healthy, above the neck-region.
2. One is permanently relieved of nasal congestion and other similar diseases with in a few days.
3. Disease of the ears like "hard of hearing" are cured.
4. One's eye sight can be restored by continuous practice of over a period of three months, spectacles be coming no longer necessary.
5. Grey hair, baldness and hair-fall are checked with in two months by performing the different systems of Neti Kriyas.
6. The memory is improved.
7. Migraine on the left or right side or complete headache of several year's standing is cured by the Neti systems of water, milk and ghee.
8. Tonsils increased cartilage or bone in the nostrils are cured.


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