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They occur easily on the mountains and near the sea as the cliffs and the water reflect sunlight strongly, especially the ultraviolet beam. Dark people are more susceptible to sunburn less frequently than the fairer ones. The signs of sunburn vary from redness to swelling and blistering. The eyelids may swell if the face is affected. There are certain measures that you can take to avoid sunburn and its after effects:

- Sunburn can be minimized with sun tanning. This is body's way of protecting the skin against the burning produced by the sun. The more melanin you produce, the darker you get and the better you are protected; against burning.
- Mild sunburn can be treated with cool, wet compresses for 10-15 minute. Use them three times daily. You might also try soaking in a tub of cool water for the same period of time.
- In order to get effective protection from the strong rays of sun, the best natural herbal sunscreens are sandalwood (chandan, Saussurea lappa) and aloe vera (kumari).
- In more serious form of sunburn, your ayurvedic physician may prescribe you medicaments such as Satadhouta ghritam, Aaranaalaadi tailam, Chandanaadi tailam for external application.


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