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It is a type of Meditative asana. Comparatively it is easier meditative asana than Padmasana and Bajrasana, therefore it is called as Sukhaasana.(‘sukha’ means ‘comfort’).              


(I)    First of all, fold one leg and fix it below the thigh of another.
(II)     Do same for the next leg too so that the two leg are pressed under the two thighs.
(III)      The height of the two knees should be equal and the two palms should rest over the knees.
(IV)       Keep the vertebral column and trunk straight keeping eyes and mouth closed.
(V)        Keep relaxing in this position with a normal respiration.
(VI)      After 4-5 minutes, slowly unfold the legs and come back in relaxing posture.

Benefits :
1. Joints become flexible and healthy.
2. Blood circulation, pulse and heart beats are  normalized.
3.  Stress decreases and body physique is maintained.

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