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Skin Problem

I have White Spots on my skin. What should I do ?

White spots on the body  may be due to two primary causes.
•    Leucoderma
•    Tinea versicolor
Leucoderma or vitiligo is the whitish Patch on the skin. Under this skin condition, certain parts of the skin gradually lose color leaving behind white patches. This occurs due to loss of melanin, a dark pigment which gives color to skin. It may begin with a small patch but slowly and steadily spreads throughout the body. This is not a dangerous or contagious skin disease. Cause of it is unknown but may be due to emotional stress, hereditary factors, worms, sunburns  and  physical illness.
Tinea versicolor, is present in small numbers on normal skin; regular washing rids the skin of dead skin cells as well as excess yeast. But it can grow in great amounts - during the summer months when sweating occurs or when a person's immune system is weakened - and interfere with the normal pigmentation of the skin; resulting in unsightly spots in both light and dark colors.

Things that can be taken care of are
Avoid stress and try to relax
Do not use hard soaps while bathing
Get a sun bath in the early hour for 15-20 minutes Avoid cosmetics like cream, powder and other triggering agents.
Increase iron deficiency by eating foods such has meat, liver, cereals, beans, lentils and green leafy vegetables.
Avoid citrus fruits, tamarind, fish, lobsters, crabs and prawns.
Sodium or salt consumption should be decreased during the leucoderma treatment please consult an ayurvedic physician for proper diagnosis.


I have pimple scars on my face. How can I remove these?

it’s natural to have pimples at your age. Pimples is scientifically called Acne vulgaris .It affects many teenagers. Its prevalence is similar in both sexes but the peak age of severity in females is 16-17 years and in males 17-19 years. Pimples clear by the age of 23-25 years in 90 % of patients but 5 % of women and 1% of men still need treatment in their 30 or even 40 years of age.

Before we discuss anything, we must know how the pimples are occurred.
Our skins contain sebaceous glands through which sebum (oily substance) is discharged regularly .The junction where the hair follicle and sebaceous glands meet and make a common path called the Pilosebaceous duct.

Due to the blockage of pores present in our skin by dirt, the sebum gets obstructed causing the accumulation and growth of a type of bacteria in the duct making chemical reaction and inflaming them. During pimples, sebum secretion is increased, but this alone need not cause it. There are many factors to occur pimples like hormonal cause, inheritance, drugs (like steroid, oral contraceptives etc.), facial make –up etc.

Pimples are mainly occurred on the face, shoulders, upper and back of chest which are either blackheads or whiteheads.

Complications may form cyst, abscess etc.
- Squeezing, rubbing of the pimples heads may cause scars on the face. So never do such activities.
- Avoid keeping hands on face/ cheeks.
- Avoid the use of face wash as it may cause to occur/increase but regular washing with neem soap and water is essential.
- Avoid the causative factors including awakening late night, anxiety, stress, suppressing natural urges, taking too much hot, spicy, oily food etc.
- To use personal towel keeping dry and clean.
- Get light steam on alternate days to open the pores.
- Keep your bowel movement clear and take more leafy vegetables, fruits etc.

In order to remove the pimple scars it must be confirmed how deep and old the scar is. If they are light, they can be removed simply by applying the paste of Nutmeg and milk. Or you can use “No marks” ointment (available in the market) as it contains the good herbal compositions that works on the pimple scars.