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Siddhasana (also called as Adept’s pose) is another important meditative asana. It can also be used as altetnative to padmasana for similar benefits.

(I)    Sit cross legged on the floor.
(II)   Draw one heel in against the public bone and relax the leg.
(III)  Draw the other heel in against the first ankle and relax the leg.
(IV)  Adjust your pelvis so that both buttock bones are placed evenly on the floor.
(V)   Rest your hand comfortably on your knees or things or place them behind your buttocks.
(VI)  Make the spine straight, erect and steady; join the index finger with thumbs and extend other fingers.
(VII)  Exhale and inhale rhythmically.
(VIII) Allow your attention to become more and  more focused on the dynamic of your spine and your breathing, without resisting or reacting to any other perceptions.
(IX)      Remain in this state as much as you can.
(X)     Then relax your body, unfold your legs and come to initial position.

Benefits : Permission of comfortable stability.

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