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Shitkari Pranayam

Sit in Padmasana or meditation posture. Attach the tongue on the palate. Join upper and lower teeth.  Open lips. Fill the whole lungs inhaling the air through the small pores on the teeth with production of necessary sounds. Try to hold the breath so long as you can with the help of Jalandharbandha. Then close the mouth and exhale through nose (nasal passage). Repeat it in the same manner. Practicing it 8 to 10 times is enough. This Pranayam should not be performed in excess during autumn.
It can be practiced without kumbhaka (breath holding) and Jalandharbandha.
The teeth and tongue should be kept in their position as mentioned above.

•    Properties and benefits are same as that of Shitali pranayam. It can solve problems- pyorrhea, throat problems, mouth, nose and tongue.
•    Reduces the sleep hour and helps to make body cool.
•    Repeating it 50-60 times helps in blood pressure.
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