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Sheetali Pranayama

Sheetal means that which is cold, calm and soothing. Sheetali Pranayama cools the body and quenches thirst. You can practice this pranayama in the morning as well as in the evening during the summer season. This pranayama is done 10 to 20 times at a sitting.

1.    Sit in any comfortable meditation asana keeping the back and neck erect.
2.    Keep your hand on the knees in Gyan Mudra (press your first finger against the thumb and keeping other three fingers straight).
3.    Protrude the tongue from your mouth and roll it like a tube.
4.    Draw in the air through the mouth with the hissing sound "SSSSS".
5.    Bring your tongue into the mouth and retain breath as long as you are comfortable.
6.    Exhale slowly through both nostrils.
7.    This is one round. Pratise nine rounds.

1.    Cools the body and mind as well.
2.    It reduces mental stress and provides mental relaxation.
3.    Quenches thirst.
4.    Reduces high blood pressure, stomach acidity.

•    This pranayama is prohibited for low blood pressure patients.
•    Heart and asthma patients should not hold breath.
•    Do not practice this pranayama in winters.

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