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Rules for physical and mental health

For a sound health both psyche and physique should be normal and also in equilibrium. For maintaining physical health, Ayurveda describes the natural urges that should not be suppressed. On the contrary, for mental health, it describes the suppression some rash urges.

Non-suppressible urges: For physical health
Ayurveda identifies 13 natural urges that should not be suppressed.

1. Suppression of Micturition.
Suppression of the urge of urination causes pain in bladder and penis. Due to regular suppression of urge to urinate leads to lack of muscular strength of the bladder, urinary stones inflammation and infection of urinary tract. For these complications, according to Ayurveda, one should resort to tube bath, massage and three types of enemas ( Vasti Karmas)

2. Suppression of Defecation
If one holds the urge of defecation, it causes abdominal pain, headaches, retention of stools, gas in the digestive tract, cramps in the calf muscles and abdominal distention.
To upshot this suppression, one should apply Suppositories, tub bath, Fomentation and intake of laxative foods.

3. Suppression of Flatus.
If one suppresses the urge for passing flatus, this causes retention of stool, urine and gas in the digestive tract, abdominal distention & pain, heart diseases, constipation or diarrhoea and other abdominal diseases due to the vitiation of Vata. In that case, unction, fomentation, suppositories, intake of carminative food and drinks and enema are the best.

4. Suppression of Semen.
Just before the time of ejaculation, if semen is suppressed then it may produce stones, pain in the penis and testicles, chest pain, retention of urine and difficulty in intercourse. In that case, massage, tub-bath, and a diet of wine, chicken, rice and milk, along with non-greasy enema and sexual intercourse are prescribed.

5. Suppression of Vomiting.
When any indigestible or poisonous materials get ingested into the body, the body responses it to expel out. If this act is suppressed, then, these materials are circulated in the body, thereby producing different types of diseases and conditions like urticaria, allergy, giddiness, loss of appetite, black pigmentation on face, oedema, anemia and skin diseases etc. in such cases, induction of vomiting, medicated smoke inhalations, fasting, blood-letting (Rakta Mokshna), purgation (Virechana Karma) and physical exercises are prescribed.

6. Suppression of Sneezing.
Sneezing is, produced due to the irritation of foreign matter, for clearing the nasal passage. If this is suppressed, the foreign matter may produce rhinitis and chronic cold, headache, sinusitis and other respiratory diseases. In addition to these, due to excessive strain in the neck, face and associated muscles and other structures, aliments like stiff neck, facial paralysis, migraine and weakness of the sense organs are caused. One should take Vata alleviating foods, fomentation, medicated smoke inhalations along with nasal drops.

7. Suppression of eructation:
This leads to hiccups, breathlessness (dyspnoea), and pain in the chest, cough, and loss of appetite (anorexia).

8. Supperssion of yawning:
This leads to diseases of the eyes, throat, ear and nose. Suppression of yawning also causes bending, convulsions, contractions, numbness, tremors and shaking of the body. for the treatment of these ailments, one should use drugs for alleviating vata.

9. Suppression of hunger:
desire to take food is suggestive of requirements of nutrition or some emotional breakdown. By keeping hungry, either nutritional disorders or debility or irritability are produced. By suppressing hunger, one subjects oneself to emaciation, weakness, change in complexion, discomfort (malaise), loss of appetite, and giddiness. One should take unctuous, hot and light food.

10. Suppression of thirst:
Desire to drink water is suggestive of requirement of the bodily fluid or replacement of fluid loss. Suppression of thirst causes dryness of throat and mouth, deafness, exhaustion, weakness, dehydration and cardiac pain. In that case one should take cold demulcent drinks.

11. Suppression of tears:
Emotional condition like pleasure or grief can bring down the tears and if suppressed, eye diseases, rhinitis, mental disorders, pain in chest, giddiness and digestive disorders can take place. Sleeps, intake of wine and pleasant conversation are helpful in overcoming this.

12. Suppression of respiration:
Breathing caused by over-exhaustion should not be suppressed. Sudden holding of breath may cause suffocation, respiratory disorders, heart diseases and even death. Pranayama is an important yogic exercise for this disorder.

13. Suppression of sleep:
Due to suppression of sleep, the sense organs like eye and other voluntary organs get tired. As a result, diseases like insomnia, mental disorders, digestive disorders and diseases of sense organs and skin are caused. To overcome them, a part from rest and sleep, Vata alleviating factors are preferable.


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