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Raphnus sativus

Common Name: Radish
Nepali Name: Mula
Sanskrit Name: Moolaka

An annually cultivated plant, leaves very deeply lobed, end broad. Taproot long, thick white. Flowers white or lilac with purple veins.

Throughout Nepal

Parts used:
Seed, root and leaf.

Phytochemical properties:
flavonoids, essential oil, glucoside, enzyme, methyl mercaptan, carbohydrates and mineral etc.

Medicinal Properties: diuretic, laxative, lothotriptic, antiscorbutic ( a remedy for scurvy) and Appetiser.
Leaf juice is useful for Dysuria ( difficulty of passing urine), closure of urinary passage ( stranguary), acts as stimulant.
Root juice is useful in urinary trouble, piles and stomachache.
Seeds are carminative, expectorant, laxative and found to be effective in increasing information and excretion.

Forms of use:
Juice, root powder, decoction.


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