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Prickly Heat (Pidaka)

It is an uncomfortable rash that develops in those areas of the body where sweat glands have been temporarily blocked. The common accompanying complaints are burning, tingling and itching. External creams may precipitate or aggravate the condition and heavy sweating may also cause pidaka. Persons with pitta constitution are more prone to this problem. There are some remedial measures that you can take to counteract prickly heat:
- Make a paste by taking equal parts of the powders of sandalwood (chandan), coriander seeds, the tubercle of nutgrass (tungamusta) and the roots of khus-khus grass. Mix with rose water and apply on the body to get immediate relief from prickly heat.
- A cold-water bath taken after the application of the watery paste of gram flour on the body brigs relief.
- The powder of sandalwood used as dust all over the body is very efficacious in bringing relief in prickly heat.
- Chandanabala taila is very good application for prickly heat. It is very efficacious in removing burnng and itching sensation of the skin. It is very soothing and tonic to the skin and the nerves.
- Intake of Pravaala pishti in a dose of 500 mg twice a day, with honey, helps both in preventing and curing this problem.
- Saaribaadi paanakam, Draakshaadi kashaayam, Shadanga Kashaayam and Jambeeraadi paanakam are famous Ayurvedic medicines used internally to combat excessive heat in the body.

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