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Present Situation of Ayurveda in Nepal

Nepal has a glorious history on Ayurveda. It is still taken as eternal because nobody knows when it was not there. Even the festivals and ethnic rituals celebrated in Nepal have the background of Ayurveda. The process, theories and philosophies that were described on Ayurveda text are the basis of all the activities that are used to prevent the diseases by Nepalese people. All these show Ayurveda’s long tradition and deep attachment to the Nepalese culture. In Nepal, Ayurveda is being used as a sociocultural and hereditary therapy.

Approach of people on Ayurveda:
Nowadays, people are fed up with this congested, synthesized, unnatural and suffocating environment. They want to return back to nature. This reversed path has also affected the treatment system. People have started to be conscious about their health. They have started to think about the food they eat, the place they visit and the medicine they use. Obviously, they prefer natural things for their proposes to synthesized and unnatural things. Ayurveda is also a natural therapy since it interrelates the living body to biological, mental and spiritual activities and prescribes the natural herbal and metallic medicine taken from our surrounding. So people prefer Ayurveda and its products. In this context, numbers of visitors to the Ayurveda Health Services have dramatically increased during these years. The data collected from the specific places show that millions of people visit to the Ayurveda Health services.

Approach of Ayurveda on people:
According to National Ayurveda Health Policy-2052, Government has planned to establish new Ayurveda health services and make all the services well-equipped in proportion to the population density, public demand and participation. So the new Ayurveda Health services are being established in different parts of country not only in government sector but also in private sectors. Dhanwantari Ayurveda hospital and Research Center is one of the examples of private Ayurveda hospital. The current data of Ayurveda Health services are:


Central Ayurveda Hospital,


Mid-Western Regional Hospital, Dang

Zonal Ayur
veda Hosp

District Ayurveda Hospitals








Ayurvedic Manpower:
There are more than 6 Ayurveda Campuses/ colleges running bachelor and certificates level in Nepal. Ayurveda Campus is only one campus that runs bachelor in Ayurveda medicine and Surgery, BAMS. Annually, 15 students take graduation on BAMS form this campus. Besides this lots of students also take graduation, master and Ph.D on Ayurveda from India. A part from Ayurveda Campus, all campus and institute are running its certificate level program. So the number of Ayurvedic Manpower is increasing gradually. The current data of Ayurvedic Manpower and Institutions are:
Ayurvedic Manpower
Ayurveda Doctors
Traditional Healer



  1. Ayurveda Campus, Kirtipur, IOM, TU
  2. Kapilbastu Multiple Campus

  3. Janata Campus (Vidhyapitha)
  4. Uttam Dhanwantari Ayurveda College
  5. Jagadamba Ayurveda College, Gaura
  6. Nikhil Ayurveda Institute, Pokhara

  7. Janak Ayurveda Campus (Vidhyapitha), Janakpur









Source: Nepal Medical Council

Nepal is rich in medicinal plant. Due to the geographical diversities, different species of medicinal plants which have the different therapeutic actions are found in different part of country. Recent unapproved data showed that there are about 1700 medicinal plant in Nepal. People are also cultivating different medicinal plants to make Ayurvedic medicine. Many pharmaceuticals are working in Nepal. Their products are getting good market in Nepal and foreign countries. Gorkha Ayurveda Pvt.L and NN herb industries are the examples of pharmaceuticals that are working both in and outside the country. Besides this, different Indian pharmaceuticals are also working in Nepal. Dabur,Ban, Himalaya, Basu etc are the examples of Indian pharmaceuticals working in Nepal.

Here are the lists of some Nepali Pharmaceuticals.
1.      Sinhadarbar Baidhyakhana
2.      Arogya Bhawan Works
3.      Shri-kirshna Pharmaceutical
4.      Piyushwarti Pharmaceutical
5.      Jadibuti Production and Purification Center
6.      N.N Herbal Company
7.      Nepal Ayurvedic Organization
8.      Sidda Ayurveda
9.      Pashupati Ayurveda Bhawan
10.  Suri Herbal Production
11.  Dekho Herbal
12.  Gorkha Ayurveda Company
13.  Tilanga Pharmaceutical
14.  Anmol Herb Industry
15. Himalayan Special Herbals industries
16. Mahakali Ayurvedic Udyog
17. Shree Gyawali Ayurvedic Aausadi Udyog
18. Sagarmatha Ayurvedic Aausadi Udyog
19. Ampaco Labotatories Pvt.Ltd
20. Nilam Medicine industries
21. Pokhereli Ayurvedic Udyog
22. Herbal Medisearch Pharmaceutical
23. Chakra Home Ayurvedic Pharmacy
24. Pandit Aausadic Udyog
25. Niko Ayurveda
26. Herbs production and Processing Co. Ltd
27. Himalayan Herbal preparation
28. Himal Herbal product
29. Shree Sita Ayurveda Centre
30. Nikhil Ayurveda

Name of the Foreign Ayurveda Industries ragistered in Nepal
1. Ajanta Pharmaceuticals
2. Rudradev Pharmaceuticals
3. Om Pharmaceuticals
4. Shree Dhuta Papeshwor
5. Dabur India
6. Shree Baidhyanath Ayurveda Bhawan
7. Deshrhak Ausshadhalaya
8. Patiyala Ayurvedic Pharmacy
9. Charak Pharmaceuticals
10. Growel Pharmaceuticals
11. Ozone Ayurvedic
12. Ban Laoratories
13. Shree Thanaeshwor Ayurveda and Pharmaceuticals
14. Herbal (APs)
15. Zandu Pharmaceuticals
16. Sandu Brothers
17. The Himalayan Drug company
18.Amil Pharmaceuticals
19. Rama Drug House
20. Bikash Pharma
21. Mudgal Ayurveda Bhawan
22. Ayurvedic Bikash Sansthan
23. Biotech Pharma
24. Hirawat Industries Pharmaceuticals
25 Herbopharma
26. Seth Brothers
27. Bhushan Pharmaceuticals
28. Laxmi Aushadhalaya

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