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Poorna Bhujangasana (full cobra pose)

i    Assume bhujangasana. Holding the position, breath in and out normally a few times.
ii    Bend the knees and raise the feet.
iii    Stretch the head, neck and shoulders back a little further and try to touch the back of the head with the toes or with the soles of the feet.
iv    This is the final position.
v    Hold the final position for as long as is comfortable.
vi    To return to the starting position, lower the feet. Relax in bhujangasana for a few moments.
vii    Release the pose and relax with the arms by the side of the body and the head turned to one side.

i    Inhale while assuming bhujangasana.
ii    Exhale while raising the feet to touch the head with the toes.
iii    Breathe normally in the final position .
iv    Exhale while returning to bhujangasana and while returning to the prone position.

Physical-    on synchronizing the breath with the movement, relaxing the spine and the stretch in the abdominal and chest areas. After completing each round, allow the respiration and heart beat to return to normal.
Spiritual-    on swadhisthana chakra.

This asana gives maximum benefits if preceded or followed by a forward bending asana.

Practice notes:
This variation is only suitable for adepts or children over the age of 12 with very supple backs.

As for bhujangasana with increased levels. This asana can relocate slipped disc, remove backache and keep the spine supple and healthy. This asana tones the ovaries and uterus, and helps alleviate menstrual and other gynecological disorders. It stimulates the appetite, alleviates constipation and is beneficial for all the abdominal organs, especially the liver and kidneys. The adrenal glands, situated on top of the kidneys, are also massaged and stimulated to work more efficiently. The secretion of cortisone is maintained and the thyroid gland is regulated.
On a pranic level, bhujangasana has a strong effect on all the organs related to swadhisthana, manipura, anahata and vishuddhi chakras.

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