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Pawanmuktasana (Wind Liberaing Pose)

(Pavan= Air, muk

ta= to release)
This aasana helps to release out the unwanted air. It is helpful to manage problems like constipation, flatus etc.

1.    Lie down straight on back with legs together and hands along the body and rest.
2.    Bring the right knee on the chest.
3.    Interlock both the hands and keep then on the knee. While exhaling press the knee on the chest. Lift the head such that the nose touches the knee. Holding the breath, remain in this position for about 10 to 30 seconds. Now strengthen the leg. Repeat it 2-4 times.
4.    In the same way perform with the leg. In the end, practice this asana with both the legs together. This completes one cycle. Repeat this cycle 3-4 times.
5.    Hold both the legs and massage the back by rolling forward, backward and sideways.

1.    It is extremely beneficial for gas related problems of the stomach, thus justifying its name.
2.    It is useful in scanty/painful menstrual and uterus related diseases.
3.    It is beneficial in acidity, heart disease, gout and backache.
4.    It reduces excess fat on the stomach.
5.    If there is severe pain in the back, then do not lift the head at all. Press only the legs on the chest. In this way slip disc, sciatica and backache are sufficiently benefited.

Pregnant women are prohibited from doing this asana.


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