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Poorvaroop: Primordial signs and symptoms

It is the primordial signs and symptoms of a disease. It indicates the beginning of some derangements internally and progressing towards damage at the cellular, tissue and organic level that is interaction of vitiated Dosha with Dhatu (The basic components of body). In Poorvaroop there are no sings and symptoms of vitiated Doshas because the disease process is still undeveloped.
Types of Poorvaroop:

Samanya Poorvaroop (General Primordial signs and symptoms)
By these signs and symptoms only the basic disease can be identified but not the subtype. Example: tiredness, uneasy feelings are the sign of pyrexia.

Visheshpoorvroop (special Primordial signs and symptoms)
These not only help in identifying the disease but also the sub type of the ailment. Example: Burning sensation in the eye along with tiredness is pre indicative sign of pittaj fever, developed due to Pitta Dosha.

Importance of Poorvaroop
• Treatment
In Ayurveda some treatment can be given in poorvaroop stage to prevent the disease. Example: In pittaj fever taking ghee is the treatment at its poorvaroop stage.
• Severity of disease
In Ayurveda, it is said if developed disease show all its poorvaroop (pre indicating sign and symptoms) and still remain untreated , it goes to the roopa (indicating sign and symptoms ) stage then the disease is difficult to treat.

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