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Purva Karma (pre-procedures)


Snehana (Oleation therapy):
Snehana means oleation therapy. The Doshas (diseases causing factors) and other impurities which are stuck to the Srotas, that is in the pores of cellular walls and capillaries or in other parts of the body are not easily movable from the adherent tissue surface. Therefore, to start the elimination process it is essential to give Sneha ( Ghee, Oil, Muscle fat, Marrow etc) in the body which lubricates it and removes the Dosha. The Ghrita (ghee) or oil used internally for this process is always medicated according the diseases or the condition of the person or according to the aim to be achieved like Rasayana (Rejuvenation) or Vajikarana (Increasing virility) etc. These oils and Ghee having medicines in them go to the minutest pores of the body and lubricate them. It mobilizes and eradicates the impurities.

There are two types of Snehana:
a) External or 12 process including Massage.
b) Internal
Oleation therapy mainly involves messaging herbal oils into the skin to help eliminate toxins. Blended oils treat specific disorders such as stress, anxiety, insomnia, arthritis, and circulation problems.

Swedana fomentation (sudation):
When sweat comes out of the body it virtually does not have any smell. Most of the odor is caused by the action of the skin’s bacteria on the organic material left behind, after the moisture in the sweat has evaporated. Heavy physical exertion activates the sweat glands which are present all over the body including the palms. They produce moisture during exercise, but create stress-like nervousness, excitement and fear. This further activates apocrine sweat glands. These are concentrated only in certain areas of the body like under the arms. They five out a cold sweat which may not run down the body like exercise –sweat, but leaves behind much organic residue. Closed clothing particularly synthetic fabrics give skin bacteria a field day with this. Ayurveda gives it a therapeutic angle and includes it for various purposes. Swedana means fomentation or heating therapy. After Snehana, it is very effective to open the mouth or Srotas of cellular membranes which allow the impurities to come out. Obstructed material is liquefied by heating and mobilized to come in the Kostha (gastrointestinal tract). Usually in all Vata and Kapha diseases, Swedana is done. The drugs, food etc. which produce sweat, are called Swedan Dravya (Fomentation inducing material) and the procedure is called Swedana.

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