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Keeping mouth clean is essential for health. The habit of cleansing teeth and tongue daily after food should be taught to children. If it is not done disease of teeth, gums, tongue and digestive disorders any occur.

If appropriate measures are not taken for the maintenance of oral health, it may gives rise to foul smell, dirty deposits at the root of teeth, dental caries, loose teeth, toothache, blood and pus coming out of the gums, swelling of gums and indigestion.

The following should be followed for the management of oral hygiene:
1. Brush teeth twice daily once early in the morning and once at bedtime.
2. Use tender twigs of neem (Azadirachta indica), banyan (Ficus bengalensis (root coming out of branches), Mimusops elengi or Terminalia arjuna for brushing of teeth. Before brushing, chew these twigs sufficiently to have a soft brush.
3. Brush teeth with the powder of the bark of neem, banyan, Mimusops elengii or Terminalia arjuna.
4. Teeth may be brushed with the powder of Terminalia chebula and Emblica officinalis. After brushing teeth, sesame oil or mustard oil may be rubbed over the gums.

Diet and Regimens:
Chewing betel leaf with tobacco or chewing tobacco alone is harmful for the teeth, cleaning the mouth after food is necessary. This habit should be developed from childhood. Taking sour things and Terminalia chebula are chewed frequently to prevent oral diseases.

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