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Nauka= boat i.e. streaching and upward bending of limbs making shape of the body like boat.

1.    Keep both hands on the thighs and lie down straight. While inhaling, first raise the head and shoulders upwards and then the legs. The legs, hands and head should be lifted to the same level, looking like a boat.
2.    Stay for a while in this position and slowly bring down the hands, legs and head to the floor, while exhaling. Repeat it 3-6 times. The reverse aasana is called Dhanurasan i.e. Dhanurasana should be done after Naukasan.

1.    The benefits are same as of Uttaanapaadasan.
2.    The lungs and heart becomes strong due to the inhalation of prana-vayu.
3.    It is beneficial for intestines, stomach, liver and pancreas.
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