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Air Therapy

Vayu Chikitsa
(vayu= air, chikitsa= therapy, treatment)
Vayu means air. Pure air is one of the causes of development of living things on earth. Everyone is born naked. All living things live without using clothes. This makes them very close to nature. Air contains oxygen and other gases that help to make each and every cell of body healthy. Air helps to remove various toxins. Air therapy can promote health, prevent and cure disease. It is a very good method of living healthy naturally.
After practice natural air of any temperature can be acceptable to the body. But polluted air needs to be avoided. For beginners extreme air temperature becomes unacceptable.

How to use Air in Health?
Wear acceptable clothes on the body and stay on open place where air is clean and flowing freely. Such places can be forest, lake sides, riversides, beach, and other suitable places. Stay there without thinking very much on other matters. Think that everything is ok. After taking air bath, other things will also be ok later on. Here you can play, move briskly, meditate, do breathing exercises like pranayam, relax or do something that does no harm to others and makes you feel better. This can be done in the room with good ventilation. Inside the room or such place one can remain naked so that none minds it. All parts of the body get contact with air.
Air in Disease
1.    Air is generally given to those whose physiology demands air, or oxygen. Most of the cadio-respiratory problems demand oxygen supply or air supply.
2.    People with carbonmonoxide, carbondioxide or other gases poisoning need rational supply of air / vayu or pure oxygen.
3.    In some problems like fever people need to expose on air that helps to control body temperature and to help get better air or oxygen supply. 
4.    For some relaxation of mind and body one can stay in open air naked or with acceptable clothes. Here one can take suitable body massage. And take meditation, thinking positively.
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