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Arm Bath

The equipment consists of a big washbasin covered with a lid, having two openings for inserting the arms. Hot and cold water connections and a thermometer are also provided.

Water Temperature: 40–45°C.

Duration: 15 minutes

The patient should drink 1 or 2 glasses of cold water and then the arms, up to the middle of the upper arm (biceps), are immersed in water. The trunk of the patient should be covered with a shawl or a blanket. Gradually the temperature of water is raised from 40–45°C. Keep the limbs warm soon after drying.

Uses: The blood vessels of the hands are dilated in this bath which facilities draining of blood from the thoracic organs to the arms, thus relieving their congestion. This also induces perspiration and both these reactions help to relieve cough and other problems connected with lungs. It gives immense relief when given during an asthma attack. This bath gives immediate relief in case of pain in the chest muscles.

It should be avoided in cases of high blood pressure, weakness, and heart diseases.
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