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Mud therapy

Mud has been used as medicine since a long time. In this century of science and technology, mud therapy has been an important part of Natural therapy.(Prakritik Chikitsa).

Selection of mud:
Selection of mud is also of a great importance . Negligency in selecting the appropriate type of mud may give rise to various infections like tetanus , worm infestation etc (caused due to organisms present in soil). Following points should be considered while selecting mud for mud therapy:

1.  soil contaminated with various chemicals. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides etc should not be used.
2. Soil containing harmful microbes, spores, eggs of worms etc should be avoided.

Soil should be collected from unfarmed land, away from residential areas, 3-4 feets below the surface of land. Selected soil from field should be tested in laboratory before use.

Modes of  Use

1.    Whole body application (Sarvanga):
In this method, whole body is covered with a 1 inch thick layer of mud and it is left to get dry in sun. then after appropriate time, it is washed. This type of therapy is useful in treating skin diseases, obesity, Diabetes mellitus, hypertension, etc. But consultation with physician is must before starting the therapy.

2.    Regional application:
A particular part of body can also be treated with mud therapy. For this, a thin cloth is wrapped with a 1-2 inch thick layer of mud and applied over the affected region. The shape of the cloth depends on the body part which is being applied with. This therapy can be used not only for treating diseases but also for enhancing the beauty.

Effect of mud therapy in the body

Mud therapy influence the bodily system in four ways.

1.    Pressure effect:
The weight of mud used exert pressure on the body. The pressure, on the surface region to which mud is applied , removes the accumulated fluid and toxins from that area and purifies it.

2.    Thermal effect:
Mud has got the power to absorb and lose heat according to surrounding temperature which is benefitial in maintaining the temperature of body . so mud therapy is benefitial in diseases like fever where the applied mud absorbs the heat of body and patient gets relief from fever.

3.    Chemical effect:
Mud contains various salts, minerals, and other chemical substances benefitial to human body. When such mud comes in contact with the body , there occurs the chemical exchange in between the body and mud. In this process, the body absorbs essential chemical substances from the mud and releases harmful chemicals and toxins to the mud , thus purification of body takes place.

4.    Electrical effect:
This effect can also be called as magnetic effect. The physical contact betn mud and body results in ionic exchange between them thus body pH is maintained. Moreover the bio electromagnetic energy gets activated which enhance the body’s defence mechanism.

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