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Hot Hip Bath

Requisites: Hip bath tub, 1 cold compress
Water temperature: 40–45°C.
Duration: 10 minutes.

The patient should drink one or two glasses of cold water before the treatment. The water temperature should be maintained adding either hot or cold water. While undergoing the hot hip bath, the patient should not apply friction to the abdomen. During the treatment a cold compress should be placed over his head. Thereafter, the patient should take a cold water shower for one or two minutes.

Hot hip bath is used in cases of delayed menstruation, pain in the pelvic organs, painful urination, inflamed rectum or bladder or pain due to piles. It is also useful in cases of enlarged prostate gland, painful contractions or spasm of the bladder, sciatica, lumbar spondylosis etc. and also helps in relieving painful menstruation, (but should be avoided during periods).

Contra–indication: It should be avoided in case of recurrent High BP, weakness and fever.

Precautions: Care should be taken to prevent the patient from catching cold after the bath as it causes unpleasant symptoms and spoil the reaction. Terminate the bath if the patient feels giddy or weak or complains of excessive pain.

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