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Sun Therapy

The Sun is very highly regarded and worshipped in many cultures since time immemorial. The ancient Egyptian culture, Greek mythology and Hindu mythology all bear testimony to this. Even contemporary science upholds that life on earth can survive only so long as the Sun exists in our solar system.
Surya Chikitsa or Sun Therapy is a natural line of treatment based on the principle that health of the body is directly related to the well being of the Pran or vital energy in the body. Pran is the vital energy which instills life in the body. In a way, Sun is the life giving force. All energy required by living beings to survive is ultimately derived from the Sun. Surya means Sun and Chikitsa stands for Treatment. Using this natural source of life giving energy – the Sun – to preserve and heal the Pran, in turn healing the body is termed as Surya Chikitsa.

Sun Bath
People take sunbath while worshiping the rising sun. There is a message of growth and development in rising sun. A person awakes early and sitting on a mat with fewer clothes for 15-30 minutes in sunlight is called sunbath. By this bath body gets Vitamin - D and the entire body gets similar temperature. These process helps to cure diseases like Arthritis, Body ache, Obesity, Soriasis, Leucordarma, “Mandagni”, Malnutrition .

Chromo Therapy (Colour Therapy)
Sun is an important factor not only for human beings but also for every living being for their survival. These seven colors are Blue, Sky Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. In the body, a particular colour ray acts as a motivational force for a particular organ.This colors has a great impact on human health and healing human survival and to cure diseases these colors are very effective. Scientists take these seven colors of sunlight and through specific process, utilize it to regain human health.

Herbal Sun Bath
Person is made to sit in mild sunlight in the morning with fewer clothes on the body. According to the condition of the disease the leaves of herbs are wrapped up on the person’s body for 15-30 minutes. As the mild sunrays falls on these herbs the water within herbs convert into steam and this steam helps to cure the diseases. Due to herbal sunbath one gets huge benefits in diseases like Arthritis, Body ache, Obesity, Soriasis, Asthma and Malnutrition.

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