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Moola Bandha(perineum contraction)

Stage 1:
i    Sit in siddha/ siddha yoni asana so that pressure is applied to the perineal/ vaginal region.
ii    Close the eyes and relax the whole body.
iii    Be aware of the natural breath for a short while.
iv    Then focus the awareness on the perineal/ vaginal region as rhythmically and evenly as possible.

Stage 2:
i    Slowly contract this region and hold the contraction.
ii    Continue to breathe normally; do not hold the breath.
iii    Be totally aware of the physical sensation.
iv    Contract a little tighter, but keep the rest of the body relaxed.
v    Contract only those muscles related to the mooladhara region.
vi    In the beginning the anal and urinary sphincters also contract, but as greater awareness and control is developed, this will be minimized and eventually will cease. Ultimately, the practitioner will feel one point of movement against the heel.
vii    Relax the muscles slowly and evenly.

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