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Menorrhagia (atyartava)


Monrrhagia is the Excessive or prolonged bleeding during menstruation cycle or decrease in inter menstrual period and off and on bleeding.

Causes /Dosha
according to Ayurveda the two doshas Vata and Pitta are responsible for this ailment.

• Pathogenesis
The Vata and Pitta get aggravated due to the consumption of excessively salty, sour, heavy, acidic, unctuous substances, deep-fried, greasy and non-vegetarian.

Vata eliminates menstrual blood from the uterus and Pitta symbolizes heat or fire hence and increases in the amount of blood in the channels that carry menstrual blood imbalances these two dosha. This further result in the in profuse and irregular bleeding.

• Squeeze the juice from 200 grams of fresh coriander leaves. Take half a cupof the juice twice daily. It has a cooling effect and balances the aggravating Pitta.
• Fresh coriander leaves with 2 tablespoon of coarse coriander seed powdershould be soaked in one cup of water in the morning. After 5 to 6 hours mash the solution and drink it. Some honey or sugar for taste can be added . Similarly soak at night and drink in the morning.

• Ashokarishta
• Pradarantak Rasa.
• Make a paste of seven Pomegranate leaves mixed with seven grains of rice,together crushed with a small amount of water.

Take the paste twice daily for 30 days.
Add two or three teaspoon of lemon juice to one glass of water. Add one teaspoon of raw sugar
Dosage: Take twice daily. Take fresh coconut water once a day.

Patent Drug for  Leucorrhoea, menorrhagia

Doses & administration : Adult: 2 tablets three times a day for three weeks or as directed by the physician.  To be taken orally on the empty stomach with rice washed water.

• Food that is fried, greasy, spicy and sour are to be avoided
• Spices like coriander, turmeric, mint, anise seeds are recommended.
• Hot spices, garlic, ginger, chilies and similar spices are to be avoided.
• Tea and coffee are not advised.
• Green vegetables like zucchini, squash, cucumber, pumpkin, amla (Indian gooseberry), dates, soups of legumes and vegetables etc must be consumed.
• Fresh fruits (except citrus ones) and dairy products like milk, fresh cottage
• Cheese and ghee (butter oil) should be taken.
• Pulses and grains are also very beneficial.
• Coconut water, barley water or buttermilk can be taken.
• Work beyond capacity must not be undertaken.
• Bowels must be cleaned every morning.

• Bhujagasana
• Sitkari
• Sitali pranayam

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