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Mayur stand for ‘peacock’. Since the body in this posture resembles a peacock, this asana is called Mayurasana. This asana is described in both Hathpradipikaa and Gheranda samhitaa.


(i)    First of all, sit on your knees and bend a little forward .  

(ii)    Rest the palm on the ground keeping the distance of 3-4cm between the wrists.

(iii)    Keep the hands firm ,then bring down your abdomen slowly on your joined elbows.

(iv)     Balancing the weight of entire body on the elbows, lift up the  body parallel to the floor.

(iv)    Head and legs should be in level with each other.

(vi)  Stay in this posture for a few moments, then put your feet on the ground and exhale slowly.

(1) Indigestion.
(2) Anorexia
(3) Hyperglycaemia(Diabetes mellitus)
(4)Sluggishness of liver and hepatic torpidity
(5) Obesity.


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