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First Method:
1.    Lie down straight and spread both the hands at the shoulder level. The palms should be open, facing the sky. Fold the legs at the knees and keep them near the hips.
2.    Now, turn the knees towards the right side, rest the right knee on the ground. Left knee should rest on the right knee and the left ankle should rest on the right ankle. Turn the neck to the left side.
3.    Similarly, repeat the exercise from left side as well.

1.    The exercise is especially useful for backache, cervical, spondylitis, slip disc and sciatica.
2.    It cures stomachache, dysentery, constipation, wind and makes the stomach light.
3.    This is beneficial for the pain in hip and the joints. It cures all the deformities of the spinal cord.

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