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Male Sexual problems

I have erectile dysfunction.

I am unmarried man. I have regular sexual relationship with my girlfriend for a year. But she always complains of unsatisfaction. For 6 months now, I have erectile dysfunction. I visited an Ayurveda doctor and took medicines 'Vigorex' and Tentex Forte for 20 days. But my problem was not solved, so I went to a sex specialist. He suggested me to take Vit-E. But not any improve in my problem. Can you help me to solve this problem?

There could be many causative factors for erectile dysfunction which is either physical or mental causes. Due to some Somatic/Physical illness, injury/ trauma or effect of drugs the problem may come across.
Diabetes, kidney or liver disease, injury to reproductive organs or their nerves may lead to the dysfunction. The drugs taken against hypertension, allergy and psychic disease might have shown the side effects for it.
Likewise stress, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, fear ness, monotonous pattern in the sexual activities, emotional imbalance etc may also cause the erectile dysfunction.

You have written that there is a regular sexual relationship with your girlfriend for a year, she has always (i.e from the beginning) been complaining of unsatisfaction and you have been felt the dysfunction only from last 6 months onwards. That means due to the regular complaint you might have got lost the confidence and developed the problem. You’ve also said that you are unmarried. Due to our social culture, in the context of prohibition of sex before marriage, it may cause and create such problems of psychogenic part.
So, hope you understand what I mean. You are at the age of making /built up your career, keeping more concentration to your studies. If not possible you can marry your beloved girlfriend to whom you have shared your love and life.