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The Jala Kunjal consists of drinking salted lukewarm water and then vomiting it out just as an elephant, drinks water with his trunk and then throws it out.
It should be done in empty stomach early in the morning, before any food or drink is taken.
1.First take 2-3 litres of lukewarm water and mix it with about 1.5-2 gm of common salt.
2.Drink the water until your stomach is full in quick succession.
3. When full, and before expelling the water, it is good to do some stomach churning.
4. Then, stand up and bend a little forward. Keep your hands on thighs. Take your two longest fingers use to press the root of the tongue to stimulate the vomiting reflex. Be sure the finger nails are clean and not sharp. Repeat it two or three times until the entire water comes out. You should stop when dry reaching starts and before any stomach bile comes up. You should remember that if the vomiting water is sour test, you can again drink water and start the process. Do not vomit too sour or acidic water. The whole process, from making the water to finishing, need not take any more than about 5 minutes.
5.Always if possible do yogasana that energize your stomach like Paschimotanasan, Suptabajrasan, Pawanmuktasan etc. wait about 20 - 30 minutes after Kunjal before eating anything. You can drink herbal tea and other soft food after that but not heavy meal until 2 hours.
6. you can do this for once or twice a week.

Kunjal is  an excellent cleansing for the stomach. Salt helps in cleaning through a process of reverse osmosis. It tones the abdominal muscles and other internal organs like liver which increases circulation in this area and assimilation of food in the gut. The strong contractions made by the pyloric sphincter send a shock wave along the vagus nerve which can release the spasm within the bronchial tree so it is good for asthma. It helps in curing the diseases like dyspepsia, hyperacidity, gastritis indigestion, food poisoning, bad breath and skin and blood disorder.

People with peptic ulcer, hernia, heart problems,high blood pressure, hepatomegaly (enlarge liver), cancers and asthma should do under specialist supervision.
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