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In this asana, both ears are pressed by the knees, hence having the name Karnapidasana. This asana is an advancement of the Halasana.

1.    Lie down flat on your back, keeping your feet together with your arms parallel to your body, palms facing downward.
2.    Keeping your legs absolutely straight, raise both legs together making an angle of 60 degrees from the floor at first and then 90 degrees. 
3.    Continue moving your toes slowly to the floor beyond your head and try touching the floor.
4.    Place your hands behind your ribcage to support the back.
5.    Exhale, bend the legs and lower the knees by the ears, on either side of the head.
6.    Hug the arms around the backside of the knees and press the knees lightly to the ears. This is Karnapidasana. In this position there will be ample blood circulation in the pelvic girdle.
7.    Stay in this pose for 30-60 seconds.
8.     To return to starting position, slowly bring the hands to support the low back. Then lower your hands first and slowly the back and buttocks on the floor.

1.    This pose releases tension in the shoulders and back and tones the thighs, buttocks and hips.
2.    It stimulates the thyroid and prostate glands.
3.    This also provides massage to the internal abdominal organs, aiding in digestion and relieving constipation.
4.    Alleviates: insomnia, fatigue, and symptoms of menopause.

Shoulder, neck or back injury
Pregnancy, Menstruation
Asthma & high blood pressure

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