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Jasminum officinale

Common Name: Jasmine
Nepali Name: Chameli
Sanskrit Name: Jati

It is a large scrambling or twining shrub with imparipinnate leaves and very fragrant, white and flowers. It flowers at rainy season. It needs care and is best when grown inside home in small pots. Being an evergreen vine it prefers bright light but no direct sun, some support such as a trellis, lots of water and occasional fertilizing.

Jasminum officinalis

cultivated as aromatic plant, found most part of Nepal.

Parts used:
leaves root and flowers.

Phytochemical properties:
Its main constituents are Salicylic acid and jasminine.

Medicinal properties:
Jasmine tea is drunk for calming and because of its aphrodisiac qualities. Jasmine oil used in massage
is soothing to the skin, headache, toothache, menstrual cramps and treats depression and nerve conditions.

Decoction: 50-100 ml
Powder: 1-3 gm

Ayurvedic preparation:
Jatyadi Grita, Jatyado warti.

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