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1.    Sit with legs outstretched and the feet together.
2.    Bend the left leg, placing the heel of the foot against the perineum and the sole of the foot against the inside of the right thigh. Keep the left knee on the floor.
3.    Place the hands on the op of the right knee, keeping the spine straight and the back muscles relaxed.
4.    This is the starting position.
5.    Slowly bend forward, sliding the hands downthe right leg, and grasp the right foot. If possible, hold the big with the index finger, middle finger and the thumb of the left hand and the outside edge of the foot with the right hand.
6.    Try to touch the knee with the forehead.
7.    This the final position.
8.    Hold the position for as long as comfortable.
9.    Return to the starting position and rest the hands on the knees.
10.Change sides and repeat with the right leg bent and the left leg straight.
10.     Practice upto 5 minutes each leg.

1.Stretches hamstring muscles an increases flexibility in the hip joints.
2.Massages the abdominal muscles including the viscera like liver, pancrease, spleen, kidneys adrenal glands.
3.Helps on preparation for meditative asana.

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