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Jalandhar Bandha (throat lock)

The sanakrit word ‘jalan‘ means ‘net’ and ‘dhara’ means ‘stream’ or ‘flow’. So Jalandhar bandha is the lock which controls the network of nadis in the neck. The physical manifestation of these nadis are the blood vessels and nerves of the neck.

1.  Sit in padmasana or siddhasana with the head and spine straight. The knees should be in firm contact with the floor. Those who cannot manage this may perform this bandha in a standing position.
2.    Place the palm of the hand on the knees.
3.    Close the eyes and relax the whole body.
4.    Inhale slowly and deeply, and retain the breath inside.
5.    While retaining the breath, bend the head forwardand press the chin tightly against the shest.
6.    Straighten the arms and lock them firmly into position, pressing the knees down with the hands.
7.    Simultaneously, hunch the shoulders upward and forward.
8.    This will ensure that the arms stay locked , thus intensifying the pressure applied to the neck.
9.    Stay in the final position as long as the breath can be held comfortably.
10.    Do not strain.
11.    Relax the shoulders, bend the arms, slowly release the lock, raise the head and then exhale.
12.    Repeat when the expiration has returned to normal.

Duration: can be repeated upto 5 minutes.

1.    Compression of carotid sinuses helps to regulate the circulatory and respiratory  systems.
2.    It produces mental relaxation, relieving stress, anxiety and anger.
3.    It develops meditative introversion and concentration.
4.    It helps balancing thyroid function and regulate the metabolism.

1. Sufferers of cervical spondylosis, high intracranial pressure, vertigo, high blood pressure and heart diseases should not practice it.

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