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Jal Neti


It is another kind of Neti done with water. The use of this system after cotton string is like washing up of the drain after having cleaned it.

1. A pot with a spout similar to a teapot is taken, containing about half a liters of water. A little salt should be added to the water and filtered before pouring in through the nostrils.

2. Sit erect on the feet in crow pose. Adjust the spout of the pot in one of the nostrils and then bow the neck to the other side.

3. In a moment water is seen coming from the other nostril. The process should continue till half of water is used up.

4. Finish the rest of water in the same manner through the other nostril.

Benefits: It is useful for bad cold, catarrh, Asthma and weak eye sight.

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