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Intestine Problems

I am suffering from contipation even after using lots of laxative. So how to remove my constipation through Ayurveda ?

You are suffering from constipation. So here are some information  about it.
Constipation usually is defined as fewer than three bowel movements per week or incomplete evacuation or having lumpy hard stool. Severe constipation is defined as less than one bowel movement per week.  Going without a bowel movement for two or three days does not cause physical discomfort, only mental distress for some people. Constipation requires an immediate assessment if it is accompanied by worrisome symptoms such as rectal bleeding, abdominal pain and cramps, nausea and vomiting, and involuntary loss of weight.
•    Medication like codeine,antidepressants,iron supplements etc.
•    Habit to suppress urge
•    Diet lacking fibres
•    Over use of stimulant laxative
•    Hypothyroidism
•    Other disease like diabetes, etc.
You have been using various medications that may have worsen your problem but detail history about your bowel movements, frequency and consistency of stool, associated symptoms, dietary habits is necessary. So, you should better consult a physician for the proper diagnosis.
Always remember
•    Don't suppress urges to defecate. When the urge comes, find a toilet.
•    Drink plenty of water.
•    Increase the fiber in your diet by consuming more fruits, green vegetables, and whole grains.
•    Avoid fast foods and junk foods.
•    Take fiber supplements if necessary (wheat bran, psyllium, etc.).
•    Yoga exercises daily are very beneficial like Suryanamskara, Ardhamatsyendrasana, Makarasana, trikonasana, bhujanghasana, Pawanmuktasana etc
•    Some natural remedies may be
•    Dip 10-12 dry grapes without seeds in milk and boil the milk. Drink the milk separately and chew the grapes.
•    Take almond oil with milk every night before going to sleep.