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Ozone Ayurvedics

Ozone Ayurvedics is the Consumer Health Division of The Ozone Group, one of the fastest growing Pharma and consumer health company. It produces a wide range of herbal health and beauty care products, which are category pioneers and best sellers.

In 2001,  Ozone Ayurvedics was started and since then Ozone has been at the forefront of introducing pioneering products using knowledge of ayurveda and modern pharmacological research. With the objective to propagate a natural, organic way to good health and healing, Ozone as a company has intensified its work for aggregation of knowledge, standardisation of work, control of quality etc.

Every stage of production at Ozone Ayurvedics adheres to stringent quality control measures - right from the selection of raw materials down to the finished products. To ensure excellence of products, the Company has gone beyond quality management at the production stage. A key quality measure lies in the company's in-house herb farms -a critical backward integration strategy that enables Ozone to grow the requisite herbs under carefully controlled conditions and ensure that they are picked at exactly the right time for peak potency.

Vision and Mission
-To empower women through wellness solutions for mind, body and soul based on the principles of ayurveda.
-To address the health- and beauty-care needs of women with products that are natural, holistic and balanced, maintaining high ethical and quality standards.

Major products:
1. ‘Zap n Clear’- available in a twin tube pack, ayurvedic creame for pimples

2. "NOMARKS” - mark removal cream

Besides, it plans to launch Anti Acne face pack and Anti Acne scrub in the therapeutic segment and a No Pimple-No Marks Face wash and soaps in the preventive segment under this range subsequently.

Research and development
The company focuses on its R&D backward integration for formulating ayurvedic and herbal solutions. The group operates as a global network for manufacturing and supply activities. The company has two manufacturing sites and employs around 1,700 employees in Himachal Pradesh (Baddi) and Assam (Guwahati). Recently, the company has added new manufacturing unit in Guwahati.

Extension and exports  of the company
The Ozone Group's headquartered is in India with an additional operational office in the UK. Currently, the group operates in 21 markets and their majority business chunks come from West Europe, North America, the Middle East, Africa and the South East UK.

Response of doctors and patients.
The medicine prescribing doctors and the patients using medicines are very much satisfied by the quality  and efficacy of the medicines.the company is overwhelmed by such responses and encouraged
to perform further better.

Current CEO: Neeta Agrawal

Contact: Ozone Ayurvedics Ltd., Ozone House 1, L.S.C. , Block A-3,
Janak Puri, New Delhi-110 058, India Tel.: 011-45549000 Fax:

Contact person: Shruti Sehgal


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