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Central Ayurveda Hospitals, Nardevi

Nardevi Ayurveda Hospital

Ayurveda Hospital has been running since 1974 BS. It was named Naradevi Ayurvedic Hospital after transferring it to Naradevi in 1985.   Now it is equipped with 100 beds. Due to the growing scope of Ayurveda, number of visitor is increasing to this hospital. Various lab equipments  and other facilities have been increased to meet the demand of large no. of patients. Its services are
1. Internal Medicine (Kayachikitsa) with related Panchakarma.
2.  Surgery (shalye), ENT+eye (shalakya) and its Ksharasutra.
3. Gynecology ( Stri Roga) and obstetrics (Prashuti Roga).
4. Pediatrics (Baal Roga).
5. Acupuncture
6. Pathology lab, x-ray, USG and ECG etc.
7. Own pharmacy. (Free distribution of some drug).

Now the outpatient department of this hospital is running jointly with the help of lectures, professors and doctors of Ayurveda campus and Ayurveda Hospital respectively. BAMS students do their clinical practical and internship in this hospital

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