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I have headache. may be due to sinus. what is the treatment of it.

Sinusitis as you know is the inflammation of the sinuses. Inflammation is
often due to an infection, caused by a virus (such as a cold), bacteria, or
fungus. Healthy sinuses are open, allowing mucus to drain and air to
circulate in your nasal passages. But inflamed sinuses are blocked, so that
mucus can' t drain out, and eventually the sinus cavities become
blocked.So, the symptoms of headache occurs.
I think you may have allergies to dust, so you have recurrent attacks of
Few simples things can help you to reduce the symptoms.
•    Wear a mask whenever working outside.
•    Start doing Yoga and  pranayaam so that you can increase your immunity.
It will also help to open your blocked nose.
•    Drink plenty of water and hydrating beverages. Hot tea is often
•    Inhale steam 2-4 times per day. It opens to open up the sinus.
•    Eat lots of fruit and vegetables.
•    Try to prevent cold causing food like cold drinks, icecreams, banana and
sour food like curd, sour pickles,
•    Stop  smoking if you smoke.
•    Avoid junk and oily foods, chocolates, sweets, etc.
•    Ginger, cumin,garlic, tumeric are useful herbs.