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Halasana (plough posture)

Lie supine on the ground over a blanket or mat, keeping the arms stretched above the head.
a. Raise the legs together very slowly and gracefully (without bending at the knees) till it forms about 45° to the ground.
b. Raise the legs further to 90° position.
c. Now raise the buttocks and the trunk also, taking support of the arm and elbows without lifting the head.
d. Now legs are further stretched to reach the ground.
Come back to sthiti.

The muscles of the back, the spinal joints and the lumber nerves
are fully stretched thus promoting their health. Neck region receives plenty of blood supply and nerves are turned up. Also contributes in the health of the thyroid gland. Supine becomes elastic. Helps to drain the secretion in bronchitis. Backache, neck pain relieved. Good exercise for stomach. The lazinen and mental worry vanish and filled with enthusiasm. By doing this asana thigh become strong

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