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‘Go’ means ‘cow’ and ‘mukha’ means ‘face’.The pose resembles the face of a cow that’s why it is named as above. This asana should be performed in both sides.


gomukhasan gomukhasan gomukhasan

(I)   First, sit in straight position and flex both legs in straight line.
(II)  Fold the left leg and place the heel of foot under the left leg.
(III)  In kneeling position, the right leg is crossed over the left in such a manner that heel of foot is placed near left hip.
(IV)  Spine and trunk should be straight with normal respiration.
(V)   Take the right arms behind your back from above and left arm form below and interlock them.
(VI)  This is ‘Gomukhasana’. Be stable in this position for some time.
(VII)  Then unfold the hands and the legs and relax.
(VIII)  Perform the asana in another side too. For this, place the heel of folded right leg under the right hip and place the left leg near the right hip crossing the folded right leg.
(IX)    Other processes are similar.

1. This Asana provides strength to the knees, shins & feet.
2. It prevents disorders of the semen and prevents any enlargement of the testicles.
3. It is beneficial for nervous system, lungs and heart.
4. It also increase the digestive power & nourishes the body.
5. Lumbar region and joints of leg become flexible.

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