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General Health Problems

I feel too much hot in my legs and hands in summer. I am not getting appropriate treatment yet. Do you have any sugession?

Do not eat garlic. Mix 50 gm. SITOPALADI CHURNA, 20gm. of GILOYA SATWO with juice of GHODTAPRE (Centella asiatica linn) &take ½ spoon 2times a day after meal & check improvement, otherwise visit the Ayurveda physician.


i m patient of diabetes since 2 yrs.i have not taken any modern medicine now a days.

I m patient of diabetes since 2 yrs.i have not taken any modern medicine now a days. I m taking Ayurveda medicine regularly. the used medicines are rohitakyadi churna with swarnabang, pittagnabati, chandrapravabati.after taking these medicines i m feeling little improved. For more improvement what medicine should i take? Is there any side effect occur from above medicine which i m using from long time? Now my sugar level in blood after meal is 178 only. At first it was 312.
ANS:  glad to know that you have been controlling your sugar level & feeling improvement after taking Ayurveda medicines (still has to control).
But it's not clear from your mail that for how long you have been taking these medicines, with or without the consultation of your doctor.
As being an Ayurveda doctor I would like to advise you that, you must have to take your doctor's consultation before taking any medicine and I would also like to say you that Ayurveda medicine too have side effects (not much comparison to those of chemical drugs) & should not take as that of food or vegetable. Everything has its own importance & limitation. The side effects depend upon the nature, dose, duration etc.
Moreover the disease diabetes itself has its own multiple complications that will develop in later days/stages. So you must be careful & should take precautions in your dietary & behavioral habits that you must know.
Nowadays Diabetes becoming a prevalent one due to stressful life & food habits.
You can also follow some particular Yoga asanas under any Yoga expert.
The medicines Chandrapravavati & Swarnabanga are good & they are indicated for diabetes. But Rohitkyadi churna & Pittaghnavati are indicated for other diseases too & they can be taken as symptomatic in your case.
So once you do visit your nearby Ayurveda doctor get consultation, have thorough medical examination.


Hello doctor, My height is 5feet 9 inches but i have underweight of 54 kg. I want to increase my weight to above 60. I have listened in Ayurveda there are lots of medicine to increase weight and immunity. Please give me the right solution.

Your present body weight Vs height indicates that you are underweight. In the context of universal ideal weight you have to maintain it with 73 kg on the basis of your height (i.e. 5ft 9inches).
But at the same time I would like to congratulate you for your standard height that you’ve gained within 22 yrs of age & inherited genetically from your parents / fore parents. So thanks to them.
There are many causes behind loosing weight or not to gain weight at all like heredity, stress / strain full life, mental / physical ailments or diseases, worm infestation, poor food habit along with poor digestion, lack of balanced diet etc.
But don’t worry, the age & occupation (student) that you have mentioned are really may cause for your underweightness. As you have to concentrate more on your studies, you might have skipped concentrating on your diet. Moreover, the age & height you stand for really needs frequent (at least 6 times per day) balanced diet with all nutrients.
Taking medicine is not only the solution. If you are free from above causes you may gain your weight & immunity power. You must have to change your food habit, life style. Once you go your thorough medical checkup & make sure that there are no such obstacles.
Taking cooked/ uncooked sprouts (germinated) especially of gram & moong, wheat items, fruits, milk daily as well as living stress free life etc help you lot.
You do take –
Ashwagandha powder – 2 gram
Amalki powder            -- 2 gram
Mixed both take twice daily with milk after food for 1 month.


How can I increase my weight?

The easiest way to measure the ideal body weight proportionally to the height is to subtract 100 (fixed numerical) by body height in centimeters.
Suppose if your height is 5’6’’ or 165 cm (apprx.) that means your ideal body weight must be 65 Kg (165 – 100 = 65 Kg).
But according to you, u are just 50 Kg by weight, that means you have to increase your weight by 15 Kg.
Most of the people in the world are conscious/ worried about their body weight which is quite natural as it helps to enhance good physique. Over and under weight both are troublesome to our physical appearance. It is also true that overweight ness bring no. of diseases.
- Thinness / a defective gain in body weight or minor losses in weight may be due to various factors such as sex, race, familial predisposition and enforced dieting.
-  Deficient ingestion or intake of food (as in starvation, malnutrition –due to worm infestation also, worry, lack of sleep etc).
-   Poor assimilation or digestion of food, malabsorption of the end products of digestion.
-     Defective metabolism or disease states (both contagious like Pulmonary/lung T.B etc, non contagious like Diabetes, Cancer etc) etc.
These all are also the main causative factors for weight loss.
So you must have to find out the main cause of your underweight ness . After going the thorough clinical examination and ruling out the pathological conditions you must pay attention to your Balanced /caloric diet .Regular intake of milk, ghee, sprouted – grams, wheat, fruits, vegetables etc will help to increase your body weight.
- Take boiled and mashed potatoes with butter or ghee daily.
-  Ashwagandha powder 1 teaspoonful with milk and ghee daily for 1month.
Be careful that you must not be over physical and mental exhausted .
Have a sound sleep.


I can not concentrate on my study. I also have low memory power. How can improve my memory power?

memory power in human beings varies with the individuals. Its low or high intensity is already fixed with the birth of a child. It depends upon the genetic factors and also how the mother has got the nutritional care/ Balanced diet during her pregnancy period. It’s also proved that all the children of the same mother have different memory power.
But still there are some later causative factors like head injury in an accident, shocking, chronic illness, psychosis, Alzheimer’s disease, long term use of aluminium cooking vessels etc help to decrease the memory power.
Nothing is impossible in this world.
- The easiest way to maintain your memory power is to take 2 Almonds/ Madhise Badaam (wet overnight and peel off the skin next morning) with a glass of milk daily.
-  Sufficient intake of Protienous diet, ghee also help to nourish the brain.
-  Habit of writing a diary daily is also another way. Or you can recall the whole day activities step by step like a movie before you sleep in the bed. Keep on this habit daily and feel the changes within a month.

In the context of concentration, as you are in Sweet Sixteen now, obviously/naturally it is difficult to concentrate in anything/ studies (if it is happened just now). But you are not supposed to spoil your future/ career by blaming or distracting your mind. In order to increase your concentration, you should divide your time in extracurricular activities, hobby giving more priority to your studies. You must increase your will power to achieve your goal that which can be reached only through educations.
So dear, hope u understand what I mean. In order to make yourself fit physically and mentally you can join Yoga centre. By regular practice of Yoga and Pranayam you will be able to manage / maintain yourself.