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Tribulus terrestris

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Tribulus terrestris
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tribulus terrestris
Biological Name: Tribulus terrestris, Tribulus lanuginosus, Tribulus aeylanicus
Englsih Name: Small Caltrops, Puncture vine
Nepalli Name: Gokhura, Odane Kado, Gaikhure Jhar


Description :
A spreading herb. The roots are slender. The tender branches have silky hairs. The lance shaped stipule is present at the axis of the leaf. The leaves are divided into small, 4-5 pairs of leaflets. The flowers are single, pale-yellow, and found at axis of the leaves. Flowers have long stalk. The fruits are spiny sub-globose schizocarp ( a fruit derived from a syncarpous ovary which breaks up at maturity into one-seeded portions). There are about 5 mesocarps. Each mesocarp has got 4-6 black seeds.

Parts Used: Fruit, Root 

Medicinal Properties

Analgesic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, lithotriptic, nervine, rejuvenative, tonic

This herb is used in the treatment of urinary disorders and impotence, Kidney diseases and gravel, diseases of the genito-urinary system, calculus affections, gout etc. It is also useful for uterine disorders, diseases of the heart, and many other conditions.
Ayurveda practitioners consider this herb to be very valuable in improving vitality. It revitalizes the emaciated human system. It strengthens the postpartum woman. It is being studied as a potential herbal remedy against AIDS.

Clinical Reports:
Infusion from the fruits has been found useful as diuretic in gout, kidney diseases and gravel . Action of the drug on mucous membrane of the urinary tract resembles that of buchu leaves and Uva-ursi flowers and undoubtedly has diuretic properties (2 ) Dried plant - Hot water extract in human adults exhibited antiyeast activity Vs Candida albicans ( 4 ) Plant saponin fraction given oral to human adults had aphrodisiac action ( 4 ) Plant saponin fraction given oral in human adults had spermatogenic effect( 4 ). Plant had fertility promotion effect in human male adults at 192 mg / day . ( 4 ) Plant hot water extract given oral to human adults was effective in prostate treatment .95 % alcoholic extract given oral to human adults showed kidney stone dissolution effect ( 4 ) . Fruit - Given oral to human adults had penis erectile stimulant action in 56 cases treated for 4 weeks . ( 4 ) . Leaf _ Saponin fraction given I/V to adults showed sclerosing effect . ( 8 ) . Alkaloid fraction given oral to human adults showed weak diuretic activity in cases of ascites and oedema ( 6 ) . Fruit - By gastric intubation to mice at 1g / kg .was antihistaminic .Fruit and root given oral to human adults were antiinflammatory . Plant decoction given oral to human adults at 200 ml / person and to children at variable doses was effective against eczema ( 4 ) . Plant given oral to castrated mice at 7.7 mg / animal and to infant mouse at 22 mg / animal was androgenic . Plant - 95 % alcoholic extract given oral to human adults was diuretic . Seed - Saline extract given to human adults at 10 % conc . showed hemolytic action on RBC . Dried seed s were aphrodisiac in human males on oral ingestion at variable doses and FSH release inhibition or stimulation or gonadotropin release stimulation or LH release stimulation was equivocal . Spermatogenic effect was lso equivocal . ( 4 ) . Whole plant and fruits as Ghanasatwa ( solid water extract ) was administerd to 50 patients of either sex having mild to moderate hypertension with symptoms of head ache, giddiness and insomnia etc. at a dose of 3 g / day in 3 devided doses for 4 weeks showed significant reduction of clinical symptoms and systolic and diastolic blood pressure without side effects . Serum cholesterol levels also decreased significantly . . It was found useful in treating patients with moderate hypertension associated with fluid retention . Effect in the control group of 25 patients was insignificant ( 5 ) . Litholytic action is due to aspartic and glutamic acid content of the plant . Chem.Abstr., 1982, 97, 178781v. (7 ) . Fruit - Decoction with other drugs taken orally showed antieczema effect in adults . Plant taken orally by 47 children in a double blind study was effective in eczema .Plant - Decoction at 200 ml . in a multi preparation taken daily for 8 weeks was effecctive in refractory atopic dermatitis of 40 patients and 31 patients with severe ectopic eczema Brit.J.Dermatol., 1992, 126 (2) 179 ( 8 ) .Root in a multicomponent preparation ( Rumalaya tablets ) relieved pain and tenderness of joints in 28 % of 50 patients after 2 weeks ( 8 ) . Aphrodisiac - Dried seed in a multicomponent preparation taken by oligospermic patients at 2 tablets ( Speman ) thrice daily for 4 weeks showed improvement of prostrate function in 50 % of 21 patients . Ind.J.surg ., 1976, 38, 12 . Saponin fraction alone taken oral increased libido in men .It also increased sexual reflexes and libido in male rats . ( 8 ) .Plant - Hot water extract with other plants taken orally by 38 patients with prostatis and benign hypertrophy was effective in 28 cases . Probe, 1986, 25, 237. ( 8 ) . Seed - alcoholic extract taken oral by adults was diuretic .Ind.J.Med.Res., 1929, 17, 377 ( 8 ) . Plant - At 192 mg / day for 3 months, improved sperm count and motility in 35 patients with oligospermia . Probe, 1985, 115 .Plant - Alcoholic extract with other plant extracts dissolved kidney and ureteral stones in 67 % of 300 patients and volume of stone decreased in 11 % . 98 5 showed relief in colic ( 8 ) . Seed - Taken with other plant materials taken by infertile oligospermic patients for 4 months showed increase in Mg.content and sperm count . and another drug showed marked improvementin semen profile . ( 8 ) .Mutsong tablets, a multicomponent drug containing T.terrestris given to patients with sexual inadequecy improved sexual desire and had no side effects . Nagarjun ., 1984, 28 ( 3 ) 7 ( 9 ) . Stonone, a compound preparation containing T.terrestris was effective in urolithiasis and crystalluria . J. Sci. Res.Plants. Med ., 1982, 3, 61 ( 9 ) . A compound preparation given as decoction for 15 days and continued for 3 months improved haemotological parameters to normal levels . J.Res.Ind.Med.Yoga & Homeo., 1976, 11 ( 1 )117 ( 9 ) in a patient suffering from Polycythaemia vera . Experimentasl urolithiasis in rats - Alcoholic extract showed dose dependent protection Vs urolithiasis induced by glass bead implantation . Maximum effect was seen with 10 % aqueous methanol soluble fraction in protecting against caleulogenic deposit around the bead . It elevated serum urea levels . Ind.J.Exptl.Biol., 1994, 32 ( 8) 548 . ( 3 ) . Saponinsof Tribulus terrestris were used to treat angina pectoris in coronary heart disease . Clinical observation of 406 cases showed 82.3 % remission of angina pectoris and ECG improvement in 52.7 % cases . Saponin dilates coronary artery and improves coronary circulation . and has better effects on improving ECG of myocardial ischemia . No adverse side effects were seen on long consumption nor toxic effects on renal and hepatic functions and appears to be one of the ideal medicines for angina pectoris . Chung Hsi, Chinch. Ho.Tsc .Chih.1990, 10, 85 ( 3 )

Decoction: 50-100 ml
powder : 3- 6 gm

Ayurvedic Preparations:
Gokshuradi Churna, Gokshuradi Guggulu, Gokshuradi Kwath, Dasamularista