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Eclipta alba

Nepali Name : Bhringaraja
Latin Name : Eclipta alba
Sanskrit Name : Bhringaraja
English Name:- Traling Eclipta

Trailing eclipta is a small, errect or prostate many branched and a coarsely haired annual herb. It grows upto 20cms in height. It has a round, feeble stem, simple ecliptic and hairy leaves, variable in shape, bright green in color with very small flowers, called florets. Its small, black seeds resemble mustard seeds. It is indigenous to Nepal and grows as a common weed.
This tropical annual is a creeping and moisture- loving herb. It has a short, flat or round, brown stem and small white flowers on a long stalk. The leaves are opposite and lance shaped.

Eclipta alba

Parts used: leaves, roots, whole plant.

Resin, Ecliptine, nicotine and alkaloids.
From the leaves alpha-terthienyl-methanol stigmasterol, beta-amyrin; mixture of desmethyl wedelolactone, and wedlolactone ( in pure form) have been obtained. Desmethyl wedelolactone glucoside have been isolated and its constitution was established as 7-0-glucoside polypeptide, in hydrolysis gave five aminoacids viz., cystin, glutamic acid, phenylalanine, tyrosine and methionine.
From the different parts of plant following components were isolated;
Phytosterol-A, Beta-amyrin; wedeloactone, Luteolin-7-0-glucoside, glucoside of phytosterol-A and triterpenic acid, desmithyl wedelolactone, 2-fromyl-Alpha-terthienyl, fatty acids-palmitic, stearic, oieic and linoleic and nicotine. Roots yielded hentriacontanol, 14-hepatocosanol, stigmasterol and an unidentified triterpenoid C30H50O.
The herb cantains alkaloid ecliptine. It also contains alkaloid nicotene and resin. The levels have more water and soft cellulose content.
Chemical constituent polythienyl is found in Eclipta alba but not in Wedelia calendulacea less ( W. chinensis. Merrill)
Eclipta has bio-active steroidal alkaloids. They have cytotoxity against certain cells. An ethanol extract of Eclipta has a neutralising effect on the venom of South American rattle snakes.

1. It acts especially in liver. Hepatomegaly, spleenomegaly, jaundice, piles, stomachache, headache, skin diseases, vertigo induced due to liver diseases are corrected by bhringaraja.
2. Chronic skin diseases such as Kustha, itching wound, premature hair graying, alopecia and scropion stinging are treated by applying paste to the affected part and by giving Swaras to drink to the patient.
3. To blacken and increase hair swaras with Kashish is applied to the hair.
4. In wound due to burn, its paste id applied with Mehandi which don't give the wound to form scar in future.
5. Bhringaraja tail Nasya treats headache, blurried vision and alopecia.
6. In catarrh of children 1-2 drops of Bhringaraja Swaras with honey is given which expels the cough of throat.
7. Its seed is aphrodiasic.

Alterative, antipyretic, haemostatic, laxative, nervine, rejuvenative, tonic, vulnerary. Deobstruent, root and leaf are cholagogue, trichogenous, depurative, anti-inflammatory.

Therapeutic uses:
B hringaraja is acrid, bitter, hot and dry, reduces Kapha and Vata and is a good rejuvenator. It is good for hair and skin, expels intestinal worms, cures cough and asthma and strengthens body.
it is considered a specific in night blindness, eye diseases, headache and disease pertaining to hair and its growth. Traditionally, the drug is extensively used against jaundice.
Its juice has power to check the adverse effects in liver caused by alilalcohlo and ccl4.
It is used for treatment of skin disorders, loss of appetite, acidity, heart burn, jaundice and anemia.
The plant has a bitter, hot sharp dry antiperiodic, antiseptic, cooling, cholagogue deobstruent in hepatic and splenic enlargement, emetic, febrifuge, purgative and alexipharmic; good for complexion, the hair, the eyes, the teeth; cures inflammations, hernias, eye diseases, Kapha and Vata, Bronchitis, asthma, leucoderma, anemia, diseases of heart and skin, itching, syphilis; it is used to prevent abortion and msicarriage and for uterine pain after delivery, according to Ayurveda.

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