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Diarrhea means that you have loose, watery stools more than three times in one day. But Gastroenterologists define diarrhoea as the passage of more than 200 g of stool daily. Diarrhoea is not itself a disease, but can be a symptom of several disease.You may also have cramps, bloating, nausea and an urgent need to have a bowel movement.

Causes of diarrhea include bacteria, viruses or parasites, certain medicines, food intolerances and diseases that affect the stomach, small intestine or colon. In many cases, no cause can be found.
Although usually not harmful, diarrhea can become dangerous or signal a more serious problem. You should talk to your doctor if you have a strong pain in your abdomen or rectum, a fever, blood in your stools, severe diarrhea for more than three days or symptoms of dehydration. If your child has diarrhea, do not hesitate to call the doctor for advice. Diarrhea can be dangerous in children.

symptoms of diarrhoea
• Frequent, loose, watery stools.
• Loss of appetite.
• Nausea
• vomiting.
• Stomach pains.
• Fever.
• Abdominal pain.
• Abdominal cramps
• Dehydration.
• Pricking sensation.
• Sometimes bacterial or parasitic infections sometimes cause bloody stools.

Remedies for Diarrheoa
• A glass of water can be boiled and cooled., Slight sugar and salt can be added. Drinking this water frequently helps to avoid dehydration during Diarrhoea.
•Decoction of Holarrhena antidysenterica or Kurchi (Kutaj or Khirro in Nepali) can be used.
• Much benifit may be had if the bark of Holarrhena antidysenterica or Kurchi (Kutaj or Khirro in Nepali), the tubers of Cyperus rotundus (Mothe In Nepali), dry ginger, dried fruits of Aegle marmelos or Bael, gum Arabic, fried borax, Acacia Catechu (Khadir or Khayar in Nepali) and the gum of Bombfax malabaricum (Shalmali or Simal in Nepali), each of the weight of 10 gm, powdered and mixed together for decoction.

Drinking Lemon juice 4-5 times a day helps to cure Diarrhoea.
Pomegranate (Anar) leaves boiled in water with Sugar and filtered. Drinking this decoction 3 times a day helps to cure Diarrhoea.
Drinking half cup of Mint (Pudina) juice in every two hours helps to cure Diarrhoea.
Drinking Basil (Tulsi) juice mixed with Betel (Pan) juice helps to cure Diarrhoea.
Eating a spoon of Dhania (Coriander) powder with Black salt after meals is helpful in curing Diarrhoea.
Drinking hot water mixed with Ginger juice once in a hour helps to cure Diarrhoea.
Eating a spoon of Carrom seeds (Ajwain) powder with hot water helps to reduce Diarrhoea.
One gram of Neem seeds and one gram of Sugar taken with hot water and eating only boiled Rice with Curd in the meals cures Diarrhoea.
Eating Carrot is good for curing prolonged Diarrhoea.
For watery Diarrhoea, taking a spoon of roasted Cumin seeds ( Jeera ) with half spoon of Honey 4 times a day is helpful.
For watery Diarrhoea taking roasted Cumin seeds (Jeera) and Black salt with Buttermilk after meals is helpful.
For Diarrhoea in children it is advisable to give Aniseeds (Sauf) water with a pinch of Black salt.
Eating Lentil (Masoor dal) is good for people having Diarrhoea.
Boil tender Guava (Amba) leaves with water, filtered and drinking this decoction helps to cure Diarrhoea.
Take 3 Black berry (Jamun) leaves, neither too tender nor too ripe, grind them with Rock salt (Saindha namak) and make a tablet of it and take one tablet both morning and evening to get instant cure for Diarrhoea.
Taking Mango seed powder with Buttermilk is a good remedy to cure Diarrhoea.
Taking Ber Fruit (Zizyphus) helps to cure wounds in the intestine during Diarrhoea.

Ayurveda Drugs for diarrhoea/ antidiarrhoeal
- Bilvadi Churba
- Bhuvaneshvara vati
- Kanakasundara Rasa
- Mahashamkha Vati
- Shamkha Bhasma
- Siddhapraneshvara Rasa etc.

Patent Ayurvedic Drug for Diarrhoea
AMATI TABLET & SYRUP (Gorkha Ayurved Company)
Doses & administration : Adult Two tablet or teaspoonful three times a day, to be taken orally on empty stomach for 7 days or as directed by physician.

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