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Dhauti Karma


Take a thin and soft cloth like muslin about three inches wide and ten meters long. This is called Dhauti. In winter, soak it in warm water or milk.
1. Sit on your toes, keep the Dhauti in a water pot, open your mouth and put one end of the soaked Dhaut in-to it, and push it down your throat with your middle and fourth finer.
2. First drink a little warm water and then try to swallow the Dhauti gradually by mouthfuls.
3. If there is vomting and the Dhauti is thrown out, then wait for one or two minutes and again try to swallow it as before, with the help of warm water. You will succeed in a day or two or it may take even up to four days, but do not make haste or get nervous.
4. Once about three feet of it goes down, then it will slip on more and more daily. Remember that about a foot of Dhauti should remain outside the mouth. In no case should the entire Dhauti be swallowed.
5. After the Dhauti has been used, wash it with warm water, dry it and fold it. It should be done early in the morning with an empty stomach.

1. It cures cough, asthma, spleen troubles, leprosy, cold, disorders of lungs and bad bile.
2. It also removes disorders of the stomach, liver, gall bladder and throat and improves health and digestive power.


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