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1.    Sit on the floor with legs together and stretched forwards.
2.    Now, bend the right leg and bring it over the left thigh with the help of left hand.
3.    Maintain the left leg straight forwards.
4.    Grasp the right toe with left hand and left toe with right hand.
5.    With inspiration, pull the right toe near to left ear with left hand.
6.    The right knee should touch the right elbow. This is the final position.
7.    Maintain the position until you can hold your breath easily.
8.    Lower the right foot to the left thigh, stretch the leg forward and release the hands.
9.    Repeat on the other side.





1. It strengthens the arms and helps to relieve tension in the back and neck.
2. It also tones the abdominal muscles and alleviates constipation.
3. It is useful in the treatment of hydrocele.




Those suffering from sciatica, slipped disc or dislocation of the hip joint should not practice this asana.

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